Expert Witnesses Recently Involved in Challenges

Here’s an update to our list of expert witnesses who were recently challenged. To know more about our customized expert witness research services or about your expert, please leave a comment and we will get back to you in a few hours.

  1. Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, D.O. Emergency Medicine, Osteopathy
  2. Dr. Audrey Lynn Eisenstadt, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology
  3. Dr. Charles P. Vosburg, Ph.D. Forensic Psychology
  4. Dr. Alicia I. Pellegrin, LP, Ph.D Clinical Psychology, Psychology (Unspec.)
  5. Dr. David B. Hale, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
  6. Dr. William Drew Gouvier, Ph.D. Neuropsychology, Psychology (Unspec.)
  7. Dr. Jules Burstein, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psych., Forensic Psychology
  8. Dr. David Elvin Smith, M.D. Medical Toxicology
  9. Dr. Gregory Montalbano, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  10. Dr. Allen Robert Tantleff, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology
  11. Dr. Charles Herbert Bagley, M.D. Neurology
  12. Dr. Robert Mayo Israel, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  13. Dr. Michael Arthur Meese, M.D., M.S. Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
  14. Dr. Chee Gap Kim, M.D. Physical Med./Rehab.
  15. Dr. Stephen John Conte, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology
  16. Thomas E. Downs Meteorology
  17. Dr. Theodore William Crofford, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  18. Dr. Larry A. Nance, M.D. Obstetrics/Gynecology
  19. Terry Robinson Field Sobriety Testing
  20. Dr. Dennis R. Combs, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  21. Dr. Delbert Wayne Van Dusen, M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path.
  22. Dr. Stasha Christina Gominak, M.D. Neurology
  23. Dr. Brian Michael Camazine, M.D. Surgery
  24. Gwen L. Herod Forensic Science, Police/Law Enf. Officer
  25. Officer Earl Ernest Police/Law Enf. Officer
  26. Heinz Ickert, CPA, CFF, CFE, CVA, CM&AA Accounting, Fraud Examination
  27. Kathie Piper NEC
  28. Dr. John Jerome Plunkett, II, M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
  29. Dr. Robert Allan Shapiro, M.D. Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Emerg. Med., Pediatrics
  30. Dr. Kristen Robert Wesselkamper, M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology
  31. Dr. Constance Elizabeth West, M.D. Ophthalmology
  32. Dr. Berkeley L. Bennett, M.D. Pediatric Emerg. Med., Pediatrics
  33. Dr. Paul Douglas McPherson, M.D. Pediatrics
  34. Dr. William Carvel Woodall, III, M.D. Neurosurgery, Physical Med./Rehab.
  35. Dr. Thomas Bier, Ph.D. Market Research
  36. Det. Ken Yueng Gang Expert, Police/Law Enf. Officer
  37. Dr. Joseph Menachem Scheller, M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
  38. Dr. Gary Evan Hsich, M.D. Pediatric Neurology
  39. Dr. Jonathan E. Sears, M.D. Ophthalmology
  40. Dr. David Alan Greenwald, M.D. Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine
  41. Dr. Charles Herbert Bagley, M.D. Neurology
  42. Dr. Robert Mayo Israel, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  43. Dr. Allen Robert Tantleff, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology
  44. Dr. Noel Ronnie Fleischer, M.D. Internal Medicine, Neurology
  45. Dr. Zwi Weinberg, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  46. Dr. Kevin Earl Wright, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  47. Dr. Richard Meyer Seldes, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  48. Dr. Douglas Anthony Schwartz, D.O. Physical Med./Rehab.
  49. Dr. Thomas Mitchell Kolb, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatrics
  50. Dr. Howard Blaine Reiser, MD Neurology
  51. Dr. Jerrold M. Gorski, MD Orthopaedic Surgery
  52. Dr. Ira J. Salzman, MD Ophthalmology
  53. Dr. Stephen W. Lastig, M.D. Radiology
  54. Dr. Kenneth Saul Glass, MD Orthopaedic Surgery
  55. Dr. Salvatore Inserra, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
  56. Dr. Mark Julian Zuckerman, M.D. Clinical Neurophys., Neurology
  57. Dr. Paul Robert Alongi, MD Orthopaedic Surgery
  58. Dr. Barry Clifford Root, MD Physical Med./Rehab., Spinal Cord Injury
  59. Dr. Emanuel Kanal, M.D., FISMRM, FACR, AANG Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology
  60. Daniel A. Powers, Ph.D. Sociology
  61. Nathan Morgan Elections
  62. Lon Huff, C.R.C., L.P.C. Life Care Planning
  63. Dr. Nelson Jack Mangione, M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
  64. Nurse Teresa Stevens, R.N. Nursing;Nursing (Unspec.)
  65. Marci L. Adkins DNA, Forensic Science, Serology
  66. Nurse Joanne Gongora, RN, MSN Nursing;Nursing (Unspec.)
  67. Dr. R. Kent Sargent, M.D. Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine
  68. Dr. Charles E. Benedict, Ph.D., P.E. Accident Recon./Invest., Design Engin., Electrical Engin.,
  69. Forensic Engin., Mechanical Engin., Fire Investigation
  70. Dr. Bruce Leonard Halbridge, M.D., Obstetrics/Gyn.
  71. Atty. Joseph F. Awad, Esq. Legal Malpractice
  72. Dr. Keith Arnold Eddleman, M.D. Clinical Genetics, Maternal/Fetal Med.,
  73. Medical Genetics, Obstetrics/Gyn.
  74. Dr. Dennis Davidson, M.D. Neonatal/Perinatal Med., Pediatrics
  75. Dr. Mordecai M. Koenigsberg, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Pediatrics
  76. Dr. Glenn L. Dodes, D.C. Chiropractics
  77. Dr. Darryl Wheat, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. Couns./Therapy (NEC), Social Work
  78. Det. Matt Cashell Police/Law Enf. Officer
  79. Spec. Agent Irvin Lee Allcox Chemistry;Forensic Chemistry
  80. Edward J. LaRue DNA, Serology
  81. Atty. Abed Awad, M.A., J.D. Commercial Law, International Law, Matrimonial Law
  82. Terry Shaw NEC
  83. John E. Tesoriero, P.E. Consulting Engin., Engin. (Unspec.), Forensic Engin.
  84. Dr. Henry Kurt Prince, M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
  85. Dr. Michael M. Baden, M.D. Anatomic Path., Clinical Pathology, Forensic Pathology
  86. Officer John Kowal Police/Law Enf. Officer
  87. Dr. Lawrence Gene Leichtman, M.D. Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics
  88. Dr. Mary Kemp Edwards-Brown, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology
  89. Dr. Michael Dennis Katz, M.D. Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
  90. Dr. Robert Guerard Dillard, M.D. Neonatal/Perinatal Med., Pediatrics
  91. Olie R. Jolstad, SCLA, CFC Insurance Expert
  92. Peter S. Evans, G.C.E. Insurance Expert
  93. Michael P. Webster, C.P.A. Accounting, Valuation (NEC)
  94. Dr. Jan Stephen Cavanaugh, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  95. Dr. Justin F. Fernando, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery, Surgery
  96. Dr. Uwe Alfred Schmidt, M.D. Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
  97. Dr. Eleanor Kenney, R.N., Ph.D. Nursing;Nursing (Unspec.)
  98. Officer John Kowal Police/Law Enf. Officer
  99. Dr. David Michael Suhrbier, D.O., M.S. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology
  100. Dr. Edward Lewis Hoffman, M.D. Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
  101. Dr. Robert Jan Bos, M.D. Internal Medicine
  102. Dr. Andrew Moulden, M.D., Ph.D. Immunology, Vaccination

Disclaimer: An inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean that there was an explicit Dauber/702 challenge against an expert. The expert may have been retained as a rebuttal witness or may have been used for / against a motion for summary judgment. For the rules of admission, please contact

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27 Responses so far.

  1. R James Bradford says:

    With respect to your expert witness list (recently involved in challenges) of July 20, 2010, I am interested in #91 – “Olie R. Jolstad, SCLA, CFC Insurance Expert”. Do you have any additional information?

  2. orpindia says:

    We have complete information on Olie R. Jolstad, right from his challenge history to a compilation of all reports and some unreported cases where he has testified as an expert.

    Please contact if you’re interested in receiving a complete profile of the expert with his reports, motions to exclude, memorandum in support etc.

  3. laurence m. savedoff says:

    I am in interested in #42 – Dr. Robert Mayo Israel, do you have information on him?

  4. J.Mitchell says:

    I am interested in #37 Scheller. Do you have any information on prior cases

  5. ladonna says:

    do you have vaccine injury expert for tetanus vaccine injury to 46 yo female, confusion, collapse, near paralysis daily time 6 months, became sensitive to everythink , could not watch tv-too much stimuli….

    • admin says:

      @Ladonna – Are you looking to retain an expert for a litigation? In which state are you located and where would you want the expert to consult? It will be better to retain someone local.

      Do let me know – we have a lot of experts who can help all across United States. Email ID is ashish[at]expertwitnessguru[dot]com

  6. John Agosti says:

    Do you have more info ion #69?

    • Since the name for #69 was not published on the blog, we’re looking into the database as to why that happened. I will send you the name by email and will also update this list.

      Please add my email to your address book to avoid my mail going to your spam folder.

  7. seth harris says:

    looking for backround and expert history on Dr Charles H. Bagley, neurologist. Thanks, Seth

  8. cheryl felton says:

    I am interested in no 51 Dr. Jerrold Gorski. What info do you have?

  9. Rossana says:

    I’m interested in number 4, Dr. Alicia Pellegrin.

  10. It’s always best to check with any local ophthalmologist as well as optometrist just before carrying on with laser beam eye functioning. They must be able to give an individual professional …

  11. Ms. Angela says:

    Please email me any information about # 86 – Officer John Kowal Police/Law Enf. Officer . Thank you!

  12. Camille Uhlhorn says:

    I’m looking for information on #12 & #42 Dr. Robert Mayo Israel is it the same Dr. for each of the numbers?

  13. Haider Zeineth says:

    If you could forward details regarding Dr. Eisenstadt #2 I would be most appreciative. Thank you for time and courtesy.

  14. Denise says:

    Interested in #4, Dr. Alicia Pellegrin. What information do you have on her? I would appreciate everything you may have. Thank you.

  15. Heather says:

    I am looking for information on #29, Dr. Robert A. Shapiro, MD. Thank you.

  16. David Sloan says:

    Could you please email me or advise where I can get information on number 2,
    Dr. Audrey Lynn Eisenstadt. Thank you.

  17. Shannon says:

    Please send any info on pellegrin not sure how this woman is allowed to practice. Thank you

  18. Blair says:

    Can you please send any information you may have on #4, Dr. Alicia Pellegrin? Thanks

  19. Susan Wilding says:

    Can you send me any information you may have on #10, Dr. A. Robert Tantleff.
    Thank you.