Experts recently challenged/ involved in cases with challenges

Here, we provide you with a list of expert that met the criteria for admission into the Daubert Tracker database. Not all experts have been challenged as few served as rebuttal witnesses. To find out the outcome of the challenge or to know more about the challenge history of any expert, leave a comment with email ID and we’ll revert to you within 24 hours.

This list is from opinions delivered in the Week Ending May 28th, 2010 : –

Det. Michael Bradley Police/Law Enf. Officer
Dr. Scott D. Hakala, Ph.D., CFA

Economics;Economics (Unspec.), Finance;Financial Analyst,

Valuation (NEC)

Hon. Michael McDonald

Insurance Expert, Law;Law (Unspec.)

Nurse Brabara Childs, R.N.

Nursing;Nursing (Unspec.)

Dr. Martha Eugene Brown, M.D

Medicine;Addiction Psychiatry, Medicine;Psychiatry

Dr. Joseph G. Gregorace, DO

Medicine;Physical Med./Rehab.

Dr. Dov J. Berkowitz, M.D.

Medicine;Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Alvan Barber, M.D.

Medicine;Family Practice

Dr. Audrey B. Goodpasture, M.D.

Medicine;Internal Medicine

Atty. William E. Hahn, J.D.

Law;Civil Procedure, Law;Litigation (NEC), Law;Personal Injury

Dr. Jeffreys David Albright, M.D.

Medicine;Orthopaedic Surgery

Not Mentioned

Vocational Expert

Dr. Lori A. Hiltz, LICSW

Couns./Therapy (NEC), Psychology;Psychology (Unspec.), Social Work

Dr.  Corley, M.D.


Dr. Daniel M. Neims, PsyD

Psychology;Psychology (Unspec.)

Robin Lee Booth

Robert R. McSorley, J.D., CPA

Accounting, Law;Intellectual Property,

Law;Products Liability, Valuation (NEC)

David M. Denmark

Finance;Financial Analyst

Dr. George C. Rodgers, M.D., Ph.D.

Medicine;Pediatrics, Medicine;Pharmacology, Toxicology

Not Mentioned

Psychology;Psychology (Unspec.)

Dr. Gerti Jimeno Janss, M.D.

Medicine;Allergy & Immunology, Medicine;Medical Toxicology

Dr. Anne E. Talbot, Psy.D.

Psychology;Clinical Psychology, Psychology;Neuropsychology

Dr. Terry Mark Himes , M.D.

Medicine;Neurology, Medicine;Sleep Medicine

Edward R. Ziegler, P.E., C.S.P.

Engineering;Petroleum Engin., Engineering;Safety Engin.

David Stenhouse Computer Science, Forensic Science

Richard Ferry, LMFT

Couns./Therapy (NEC)

Dr. James M. Fusco, D.C.


Dr. Peter Bohdan Bandera, M.D.

Medicine;Physical Med./Rehab.

Dr. Vinod Kumar Kataria, M.D.

Medicine;Geriatric Medicine, Medicine;Internal Medicine

Dr. Michael H. Borek, D.O.

Medicine;Family Practice

Dr. Hassan Mohamad Reichouni, D.C.


Dr. Samuel Goldstein, Ph.D.

Psychology;Psychology (Unspec.)

Dr. Scott Allen Kale, M.D., J.D., M.S.

Law;Law (Unspec.), Medicine;Internal Medicine,

Medicine;Rheumatology, Psychology;Experimental Psych.

C. Dennis Wylie, CPE

Erg./Human Fac. Anlys.

John Goebelbecker, P.E.

Accident Recon./Invest., Engineering;Forensic Engin.

Jay N. Pfeiffer, P.E.

Accident Recon./Invest., Engineering;Engin. (Unspec.)

Stephen Meagher

Fingerprint Analysis, Government Agent;FBI Agent

Dr. Piyush D. Patel, M.D.


Dr. David W. Adcock, II, M.D.


Dr. George Elias Yared, M.D.


Dr. John Edward Scowley, M.D.

Medicine;Family Practice

Dr. Robert M. Brown, M.D.


Dr. Robert John Nelms, Jr., M.D.

Medicine;Anatomic/Clin. Path.

Brian Mahoney, Jr.


Robert J. Taylor, IV, CPA, MBA

Accounting, Business Administration, Business Valuation,

Economics;Economics (Unspec.), Valuation (NEC)

Dr. Aaron J. Westrick, Ph.D.

Crime Scene Rec/Invest, Criminology, Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist.,

Police/Law Enf. Officer, Sociology

Dr. Joshua Ammerman, M.D.


Dr. Joel Warren Winer, M.D.


Dr. Raphael Minsky, Ed.D.

Education, Psychology;Psychology (Unspec.)

Det. Michael Speyrer

Gang Expert, Police/Law Enf. Officer

Dr. Geraldine Butts-Stahly, Ph.D.

Psychology;Social Psychology, Victimology

Not Mentioned


Not Mentioned

Engineering;Engin. (Unspec.)

Not Mentioned

Engineering;Engin. (Unspec.)

Not Mentioned

Carl Lewis

Private Investigation

Kerry Bolt, CFE

Accounting, Fraud Examination

Dr. Joel Nathan Kline, M.D.

Medicine;Critical Care Medicine, Medicine;Internal Medicine,

Medicine;Occupational Medicine, Medicine;Preventive Medicine,

Medicine;Pulmonary Disease, Medicine;Pulmonology

Wayne Sanderson, MS, CIH, Ph.D.

Env. Science/Tech. (NEC), Epidemiology, Industrial Hygiene,

Occ. Health/Sfty. (NEC)

Dr. Nancy Lee Sprince, M.D.

Medicine;Internal Medicine, Medicine;Occupational Medicine

Dr. Gary Allen Fitzgerald, M.D.

Medicine;Family Practice

Dr. Maurice E. John, Jr., M.D.


Dr. Donald W. Conner, O.D.


Dr. Francis W. Price, Jr., M.D.


Det. Michael Bodnar

Gang Expert, Police/Law Enf. Officer

Det. Calvin Walker

Gang Expert, Police/Law Enf. Officer

Dr. Carla Seyler, Ph.D.

Couns./Therapy (NEC), Vocational Expert

Donna Mancini

Vocational Expert

Not Mentioned

Eyewitness Identification

Dr. Alan Nathan Moshell, M.D.


Dr. Edward Taylor, M.D.

Medicine;Medicine (Unspec.)

Frederick Stweart

Accident Recon./Invest., Police/Law Enf. Officer

Dr. Raymond Alan Rizzuti, M.D.


Dr. Edmond Palacios Yabut, M.D.

Medicine;Emergency Medicine, Medicine;Internal Medicine,


Bruce Shulman

Real Estate;Real Estate Appraisal

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  1. Barbara Peel says:

    please provide information regarding Edward R. Ziegler, P.E., C.S.P.

  2. orpindia says:

    Dear Barbara,

    Please check your inbox for more information.

    Ashish Arun
    Offshore Research Partners

  3. A. Infantino says:

    I looking for the outcomes regarding Dr. Dov J. Berkowitz.


    • orpindia says:

      Dr. Berkowitz – Testimony properly found insufficient to avoid summary judgment.

      Please get in touch through email if you want more details.

      ORP-India (

  4. Charlie says:

    Please provide additional information regarding Dr. Dov J. Berkowitz.


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    Please provide information regarding Edward R. Ziegler, P.E.

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    I am looking for information regarding Jay N. Pfeiffer.

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    Do you have any additional information on:
    Richard Ferry, LMFT including the challenge grounds and the outcome?

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    Thanks for the comprehensive list on these expert witnesses.