Expert Witness Website – is it getting you the audience you deserve?

Creating a successful website is a lot like writing an admissible expert witness report – you need the right methodology and the website must be relevant!

Instead of simply providing information about yourself, you need to find out what kind of information is your target audience looking at. Let’s say you are an accident reconstruction expert witness planning to set up your website. You need to know that 720 monthly searches are run on Google for the term “accident reconstruction experts” whereas 33100 monthly searches were run for “accident investigation”. Accident reconstruction is also a part of “forensic science” which was looked up 201,000 times. Similarly, 260 searches were run for “accident reconstruction expert witness”, 1000 for “car accident reconstruction”, 480 for “forensic accident reconstruction”, 8100 for “crash reconstruction” and 6600 for “accident reconstructionist”. These are all numbers for searches that were run by Americans in the last one month and are made available by Google.

Looking at this data, you know that apart from accident reconstruction, you need to add accident investigation, forensic expert, accident reconstructionist and other relevant terms on your page at strategically located places such as title bar, headings, other pages etc. to ensure that your website is relevant not just for searches for “accident reconstruction” but also for other similar keywords.

Whenever we design a website, this is one of the first things that we do – create a list of relevant keywords that people are searching on Google and build your website around those search terms. After all, your website is not only about looking pretty. Your web designer needs to have these tools to provide you with more than just a website that looks good.

Using the right keywords and relevant content on my blog has helped it leapfrog almost 4 million websites in the last three months. If it can help me, it can surely help you too!

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  1. Rusty McKinley says:

    Could you illustrate the method for quantifying the number of searches on Google for specific terms?