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Expert Witness Chronicle

The applicability of Daubert is something that has always been a bone of contention with different jurisdictions. Whether Daubert will apply at the stage of class certification is already causing a confusion with different circuit courts standing divided on the issue. Recently, the 2nd Circuit mandated that Social Security Administration proceedings will not find themselves applying the principles of Daubert, which makes our cover story for this month. The President-Elect of the American Board of Vocational Experts, Cynthia Grimley, makes some very interesting observations on the issue.

A tax judge in Canada explained when and how an expert witness cannot be retained due to being “conflicted out” of a case. I wonder if any of our readers have ever faced an issue where one party contacts but doesn’t retain them and then later cries foul when the opposing party does! Do share your experiences if you have faced this problem ever in your expert witness career.

Readers interested in finding out more about how their websites are faring in search results and is there anything that search engines are finding difficult to index on their websites, should read my article “Mastering the Web” which discusses the basics of the Google Webmaster Central. In the next edition, we will take a look at some of the other free tools that every website owner (including expert witnesses) should be aware of, if they want to promote their website’s search performance.

This journey of publishing the Expert Witness Chronicle has been much more exciting and adventurous for us than we had thought initially. From the next issue (releasing in a few weeks) onward, we will be introducing the “Expert Witness Challenge Analytics Report” which is going to a regular feature in the magazine.

We made two additions to our editorial board this month. Our two new editors are both acclaimed attorneys with an unmatched experience of working with and against expert witnesses. Mr. Schachtman has focused his legal practice on scientific evidence in products liability, environmental, and other litigation and also teaches at the Columbia Law School. Our newest editor, Mr. Sidney W. Jackson III, argued the Kumho Tire v. Carmichael before the Supreme Court for the respondents and has kept up with the changes and evolution of expert testimony since.

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