Expert Witness Encyclopedia – Bringing All Information About Experts Under One Portal

Two months ago, we were looking at a long list of gatekeeping issues and it was a pain to find some of the decisions which defined the gatekeeping standard for several states. This is when we thought that there needs to be a single place where all information about expert witnesses should be available to anyone searching the internet. In that moment, the Expert Witness Wiki was born.

This encyclopedia on expert witness testimony is an endeavor to cover everything related to experts. Be it explaining the thousands of expert witness disciplines or important case decisions related to expert witness testimony or tools available to experts for research and marketing their services.

However, we will not consider it a true encyclopedia till the time we have explained at least a thousand expert witness disciplines and summarized all cases where Federal and State Courts adopted Daubert and defined how expert witness testimony will be assessed.

In order to do so, we are looking for expert witnesses to write explanatory articles about their field of expertise. Needless to say, authors will be credited for their contribution.

Please drop an email to to participate in this exercise. I am sure we will all make this Encyclopedia a go-to resource for experts as well as attorneys.



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