Expert Witness Profile

An Expert Witness Profile is an exhaustive report that provides you with an expert’s testimonial history, challenge history, personal litigation history, professional history, educational history, publications, blogs, news articles, criminal history, SEC filings, donations and much more!The Profile not only gives you an insight into the expert’s professional, testimonial and personal life; it also points you in the right direction if you wish to obtain any further information. This further information would primarily consist of crucial documents such as depositions, motions to exclude, expert CVs filed in previous cases, expert declarations, rulings and orders on the expert’s credibility and full text of articles published by the experts.

What does it include?

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The Expert Witness Profiler uses proprietary databases which are not available to attorneys or law firms just because of the sheer cost to subscribe and get full access to such databases. The economies of scale allow the Expert Witness Profiler to access information, which would otherwise be too expensive, at a very moderate price. We look at all published and many unpublished opinions with a well guided Boolean logic to ensure that no relevant cases are missed. We do not just stop at judicial pronouncements but go on to search trial pleadings, appellate briefs, trial orders, dockets, jury verdict and settlement reports, federal and state agency decisions and even published arbitration decisions.

We ensure that each and every available document has been searched for different variations of the expert’s name and expertise. For example, if we are researching John Doe, an insurance expert, we will not just search for cases where the word John has been mentioned within two words from the word Doe, we would also run searches for documents where the word Doe (many a times, the Judge or the counsel submitting a pleading/brief would just mention the last name of the expert) has been mentioned within certain distance from keywords such as expert, insurance, insurer, insuring, insured, CPCU, underwriter, underwriting and underwritten. While the term expert is invariably used as a keyword, the others are picked carefully after studying the CV and the areas of expertise of the expert in question.We do not claim that we will provide information about each and every case where the expert has testified or deposed or consulted. However, we DO claim that if we cannot find a certain case, no attorney or law firm can find that information with the reasonable effort that is usually put in by interested parties into researching an expert witness.

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The credentials of your expert witness are as important as his testimonial history. It has been seen in the past that experts have misquoted things on their CV and have later been excluded and even held guilty of perjury.

Under this section, we verify if the expert actually worked with an organization which is listed on the CV and whether there is any information available that ascertains the designations and the durations of employment.

Apart from this, we check all the degrees that the expert claims he has. This is done by looking up alumni association directories and if needed, we also contact the National Student Clearinghouse and the Registrar of various colleges.

For all licensed professionals, the website of the Licensing Authority is thoroughly queried and clients ordering reports are provided with the exact licensing details that are available.

Under this section, we also list all the publications of the experts with links to those which are available on the internet.

Many times, we have also found the rates that the expert charges for his services. This information is primarily obtained from any interviews that the expert may have given or a prior Rule 26 filing that may have been made.

We also verify if there has been any disciplinary action against an expert since this can be crucial to determine one’s credibility and standing in court. Any expert with a suspended license may not be qualified under 702 and it will always be a big weapon in the opposing attorney’s armory.

Thorough checks are run on the USPTO website to identify any intellectual property that the expert may have registered or have applied for.

Many experts list association memberships on their CVs. Each association directory is looked up and it is confirmed if the membership is still valid, has lapsed or never existed to begin with.

In a nutshell, this section of the report provides you a complete 360◦ overview of the expert’s professional history and disciplinary history.

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Without violating any privacy issues, the Expert Witness Profiler will bring to you certain personal information about the expert. We will provide you with links and screenshots of the Expert’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut as well as scores of public websites where the expert may have created a public profile or an auto-generated profile may be available. This service is of utility to experts as they can rectify any errors in listings which they can be unaware of. Many of our clients have successfully gotten their phone numbers and addresses updated on different directories after ordering their Expert Witness Profile.

This section also looks into the following aspects of an expert’s bio:

  • Political Contributions
  • Other Donations
  • Online groups
  • Blogs
  • News articles
  • Multimedia such as audio, video, podcasts
  • SEC Filings
  • UCC Filings
  • Liens
  • Criminal History
  • Properties Owned
  • Interests and Hobbies

Why Order

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Expert Witnesses are often rigorously questioned about challenges to their testimony in the past, news articles/blogs on the internet that mention the expert’s name or public directory listings that list an expert without his/her knowledge. An Expert Witness should be thoroughly prepared for such situations, as being caught unaware can be a serious blow to an expert’s credibility in court.

In many cases, attorneys/law firms do not inform their experts about challenges and the expert doesn’t even know that his/her testimony was the subject of a Daubert challenge.

In ever increasing instances of Designation without Retention, expert witnesses are sometimes designated in cases without ever being retained. Many of such cases result in settlements, and the expert may never know about his/her involvement in a particular case until questioned about it during a deposition or cross-questioning.

Such situations may throw you off your game completely. More and more attorneys are ordering Expert Witness Profiles on opposing parties’ Expert Witnesses. Order an Expert Witness Profile on yourself today and be prepared!

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Expert Witness Profiler is the ultimate research tool for attorneys. Now, you can order any expert’s profile and get a comprehensive report. This saves you at least 20 hours of extensive research which you can use to focus on important strategic aspects of the case.

Once you have a comprehensive report of all cases an expert has testified in, their outcomes, the different motions to exclude, depositions, disciplinary history and much more; you can decide how to tackle the expert in that crucial deposition or court appearance.

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